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0 <lima> Dead Hard Drive

Posted by
PJ (Bel Air, United States) on 5 January 2009 in Miscellaneous.

A few nights prior to the last,
a great battle had taken place within the very walls
of my notebook of technological achievements.

As the sun arose on the morning of the 5th of January,
i found my seat atop the computer room steed.
Today would be a day filled with adventure.

I traveled far across the internet
and arrived at my destination.
Dell Support.

As i navigated my ways through the castle walls,
I had run into many a dead-end.
With relentless passion,
I pushed onward.

Finally, after countless riddles and tricks,
the door to the knowledge master was ready to be opened!
I pushed through, as the light surrounded me,
and I found myself greeted by...

T'was an odd name, perhaps,
but no reason to forget my manners.
As we traded our words,
an observation came to mind.
Strangely, I felt no emotions from this man.
Quite a one sided consultation,
at least in terms of warmth.

I had come for valuable information.
Swethanjani_71877 confirmed my previous prediction.

My hard drive... was dead.

Such harsh news.
Yet, the manner in which it was presented
was so blunt and cold.
I felt no comfort from Sir Swethanjani_71877.

Thoughts of madness entered my mind.
"Swethanjani_71877 be not a real man!"
I was convinced that no man could be so heartless.

Our colloquy would soon end.
But before my departure from the land,
a surprising event would take place!

As I made my way out of the chamber,
words of a new nature were spoken.

"Happy New Years!!!!!!!!", he spoke.
I was baffled by his enthusiasm and kindness.

I had to reconsider.
As I journeyed back to the motherland,
constant questioning was at hand.
Was Swethanjani_71877 truly human after all?
I may never know...

To deepen the cut,
many an innocent soul were lost
in the brutal bloodbath of days past.
For I must now part ways
with my dear lost allies in arms.

Farewell, my beloved music and movies.

Though, these scars of savagery
may vanish soon enough.

They're sending me a new hard drive
to replace my broken one!!!!!
For free!


Though the demons of agony and suffering
may find a victory in my loss,
the goddess of fortune smile had smiled upon me.

My most precious treasures had been kept safe and unharmed.
My pictures were copied onto my other computer
right before my hard drive died!
My captured memories will live on!

Canon PowerShot A720 IS 1/250 second F/2.8 ISO 400 6 mm

Canon PowerShot A720 IS
1/250 second
ISO 400
6 mm